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Last call for La Belle Bombshell Pin Up Workshops 25 & 26th of June!

Did I mention everything's happening this weekend in Lisbon? Well, it is! La Belle Bombshell is hosting a final workshop before they go on holiday, so today is the last call to enrol. If any of you girls long to become pin ups or learn some steamy burlesque routines, what are you waiting for?

These lovely ladies from Cais do Sodré Cabaret! will be teaching the basic ins and outs of pin up history, styling, hair and make up on the 25th, with a 20% off voucher for vintage shop Ás de Espadas, afternoon cupcakes, 5 digital portraits, 1 A4 print and a workshop booklet so you don't forget anything!
The 26th class it'll be all about the art of burlesque - how it came about, some major vixens from its heyday, essential moves and even how to choose and make your own costumes. 

Aaand photographer extraordinaire Alípio Padilha, with whom I've had the pleasure of working in the past, will be behind camera throughout the weekend, too... Need I say more?

Each of these workshop classes are €50, and you may take both for €80 - which is a bargain if you consider all you're getting for it. And even though I can't make this weekend, I'll be dying for the next burlesque workshop, come September. 

Learn more on La Belle Bombshell here.


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Cátia disse...

Adoro o estilo pin up e tudo associado a ele :)

vou seguir o blog*

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