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Daily Glamour: two weekend outfits & my afternoon at Feira na Fábrica

Summer holidays have been bittersweet, as per usual. I'm still looking for a job, the weather is overwhelmingly hot and this past week, staying in with my books and newly acquired 1950s fashion magazines was too tempting. Still, I wouldn't miss my afternoon tea/snack outing.
 Friday was no exception; we had some ice cream with the best view in Lisbon's Avenida da Liberdade, in Cinema S. Jorge's balcony. Ignore my silly expressions, I'm obviously great at posing.

Isn't that quite the tan, for someone who hasn't set foot on sand or sea this summer?..

What am I wearing?
Dress: Vintage, Montra Antiga (@ Feira na Fábrica, last week!)
Beaded Handbag: Vintage, Flea Market find
Sandals (not in picture): Blanco

Soon after, I paid a little visit to the "garage" Fuga Dóleo to check out some new products too, and got the scoop on a nice event coming up soon! It's always nice to catch up with the rock n' roll crowd.

My sartorial picks have been less than creative, lately, and resses are obviously still my favourite closet staples, way over jeans or trousers - they may be practical, but they remind me of work wear too much. Nothing says "dolled up" like a pretty dress, even if you just threw it on 5m before you got out, and this little number is one of my favourites.


So Sunday we "sailed" back to Feira na Fábrica, to meet Inês and window shop a bit. I wore my #1 favourite dress, a cotton shirtwaist number. I need to get the patern off it, these styles were very popular back in the 1950s and the model's lenght is just right for me. 

That's the one!
After seeing something about the first installment of this urban Sunday market, a friend invited me to go check out the first day, it was very nice to see some familiar faces such as  Blow Up Vintage's owners with their own space. Sadly, my camera didn't quite agree with me publishing about that so today's post is about my second visit the following week.
I was overall impressed with how many shops and private sellers took part in this initiative, although it shouldn't have come as a surprise, considering the gap the late Crafts & Design market left. Surely I'd have preferred it to be all about vintage trinkets, but there was something for every crowd to be found - pastries and drinks, clothes, antiques, books, music, designers-makers' products of all sorts... Now, with these specifics, on a gorgeous sunny day, how come it wasn't full to brim? Besides being in LX Factory, a complex located in Alcântara you can only get to by tram or bus, the fact that it's a new event mustn't have helped. I'm guessing it'll grow on people over time, I'll keep my fingers crossed as I've been enjoying these. Find out more about Feira da Fábrica and their next dates on Facebook.

The A Beautiful Mess stall. Marina, the owner, knew about me and the blog already!

My snack. Peanut butter and caramel cookies!

Montra Antiga

Montra Antiga 

Me & Ana from Montra Antiga near her stall.
What am I wearing?
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Dress: Vintage (A Outra Face da Lua)
Handbag: Vintage (Flea Market find)
Belt: Pimkie
Shoes: Saddle shoes (Predictions, on Ebay).


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