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Sailorette Reviews: Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Roll On Girdle & Van Doren Suspender Belt

Keeping with the topic of good foundation garments, I'm now reviewing two recent purchases from another top vintage lingerie reproduction brand, Kiss Me Deadly. This was my first purchase from their products, but I'd heard wonders and they did indeed look marvelous on their website. I bought both the Vargas Roll On Girdle and Van Doren 6 Strap Suspender Belt from a KMD Stockistst on Ebay, and couldn't be more excited to receive them in the mail.

Their tag design is lovely, and the rose and bow details on the girdle won me over.

I bought this in a Medium (27-28 waist) and it's true to size; it sits on my waist without forcing it in and pulls my hips in. If you're looking to reduce waist size, I recommend you go a size lower than your actual waist. It stretches vertically and creates a lovely elongated look, while holding your stockings up very effectively. It also allows leg movement quite well, so although you may end up with light elastic marks from the bottom at the end of the day, you don't have to worry about walking around. These roll on girdles were essentials for 1950s ladies, and this being so comfortable, it's become one of my current every day closet staples too.

This is tighter on the waist, although it's the same size (Medium, 27-28 inch waist) & holds up stockings very well while not hurting your waist. It's adjustable with three double clasp hooks in the middle back so you can go an inch bigger or smaller, too. The fabric is stretchy thick black lycra that seems to last a while and the garters are excellent - thick enough to hold your stockings and well built with metal pieces. It allows a bit more movement than the girdle, and feels very light under your clothes even though you may not want to go skin-tight with metal hook garters!

Overall apreciation
Packaging: ♥♥♥
Product quality: ♥♥♥♥♥

Although the plastic bag wasn't something to write home about, the products were great and that's what counts, at the end of the day. I did apreciate them coming in pink silk paper and having confetti, though - but that was the Ebay stockist. All in all, I'm extremely happy and will be using these to hold my What Katie Did stockings everyday, if not even buying more of the colours available at Kiss Me Deadly!

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Irene disse...

I own the Van Doren suspender belt too and I love it! Although I really like their Vargas roll on girdle I'm considering getting the Vargas longline girdle instead, since I find it a bit more luxurious (and it's for my wedding!).

Louise disse...

I'll most definitely be ordering mine off ebay later, they sound and look fabulous.

Angie disse...

I bought a Vargas roll on girdle from Ebay in pale blue and you have definitely described them well- it's so comfy! It holds my WKD, M&S and supermarket stockings beautifully and is oh so comfy I wear it with every dress I own, pencil and circle!

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