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Shopping: Vintage & Retro Eyewear

Cat eye glasses are such a signature vintage eyewear look! I think we've all craved them, and if you're anything like me you might even have spent hours browsing through vintage cat eye frames online. While you can still find dead stock frames in pristine condition, their prices are somewhat steep, and these frames' age usually makes them more fragile which may be a nuisance. All considered, I decided to have sunglass lenses put in my vintage frames for now, and to buy a pair of modern frames to wear everyday. So for this week's feature, I thought I'd share a few top vintage stockists and retro brands/their stockists you may be interested in.

Vintage by Robert Roope

They stock retro eyewear looking 1930s-1980s from a number of brands. My favourites are Black Eyewear and EPOS, both producing beautiful vintage-style frames that are borderline reproduction.

Collectable Spectacle on Etsy

This Etsy shop is the place to go if you're looking for a special type of frame and won't mind paying a little extra. They specialise on cat eye frames, and stock very special vintage brands now and then.

Dead Men's Spex Vintage Eyewear

This shop is the UK retro/vintage community's lifesaver, or so I've heard! Their vintage collection ranges from the basic NHS glasses to unique frames that will surely make you stand out.

Vintage 50's Eyewear on Etsy

Almost every listing on this 1950's frames shop looks like a one off. These may not be on everyone's price range, but the excellent condition and extraordinary design makes them worth it.

RetroFocals on Ebay

This Ebay shop is a dream if you're looking for a wide selection of cat eyes with mostly affordable auction starting prices

As for mine, these were the frames I got! Although they are a bit bigger than the original vintage frames they're inspired by,  I like how they fit my face. Besides, these will coordinate a million times better than standard frames!

I will share photos of my vintage frames when I do get the new lenses put in.

What's your favourite style of cat eye frame? Do you wear cat eye glasses? What's your favourite stockist?

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Kira disse...

I just finally bought Tom Ford FT5224 frames and am in love... I'm just trying to reinvent my style and these are fabulous for them!!

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