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Sailorette Reviews: Lady K Loves Cigarette Pencil Skirt

I've been sitting on this review for weeks while thinking of an exciting project I'm planning with Kessie from Lady K Loves as time has been short! Blogging is still a passion and I won't go away any time soon, so stay tuned for more lovely reviews (did anyone say cosmetics? ;) ) and updates very soon!

The lovely flyers and magazine Kessie included in my package

Onto the amazing skirt. You can't call yourself a retro gal without a pencil skirt in you closet, can you? It's that one piece you buy before anything, even if it's a badly fit H&M number, because it's the staple item you associate with 1940s and 1950s looks. Everyone did it, from Gene Tierney to Marilyn Monroe to Doris Day, and did ladies rock these back then. I used to have a lovely black pencil skirt I loved, but got too big as time went by and I lost weight so when I found Lady K Loves had a new pencil skirt design coming I couldn't be happier. (Please forgive my photography skills!)

It's made of a very smooth satiny stretch cotton that fits like a dream, so you really shouldn't worry about going one or two inches down - just don't take it too far. I ordered a size M (29'' waist 36'' hip) although my usual measurements are 28''-36'' and I will have to have the waist tucked in (my bad, I didn't think it should be that skin tight!)  but I love how it feels on.

The pockets are a lovely finishing touch and the back zipper and lenght are era accurate, which I love too - this works for vintage or retro looks alike!

It has a modest rear opening to ease walking, and it doesn't feel as if you'll fall flat if you take a step too big, unlike some repro pencil skirts I've owned - it's made for reasonably comfortable wear. This makes it all the more versatile; I can see myself wear this with a beaded cardigan to work in daytime, and with a more appealing top, jewellery and heels for evening.

That said, my only question now is wether to get the red one in a smaller size or have the waist done in too because I want this in all the colours I can get!

Note: this is not a sponsored post, rather a review from a product I received as part of my ad/sponsorship programme. All views are my own.

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