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Shopping: must have records from the 1940's & 1950's

Although I am aware many retro girls keep their records separate from their frocks, being the vintage music peg (and lady DJ) I am, I'm always on the look out for new artists, sub-styles and compilations for rare tracks. So here are a few suggestions of killer records with great music from jazz to blues boppers to classic rockabilly that don't break the bank.

Jazz Noire: Darktown Sleaze from the mean streets of 1940's LA

This great release by Future Noise/Fantastic Voyage was a recent purchase of Mr. Sailor's that would otherwise have taken me a bit to find out. It's precious even for the utmost rare tracks such as Julia Lee's infamous "Marijuana", and has a great swinging beat to dance to, amidst instrumentals from brilliant film noir scores and soul-wrenching vocal tracks from reference artists of the era.

Routes of Rockabilly

Meet the compilation that got me into country and eventually western swing! Featuring from early Elvis recordings to Ernie Chaffin's Feeling Low, it's an all-in-one compilation for original tracks famous by covers, unmissable country, blues and R&B artists and tracks that built up to the 50's rockabilly we know and love.

Girls Gone Rockin

Named after Ruth Brown's 1958 hit song "This Little Girl's Gone Rockin", this compilation features R & B, Rockabilly and all the love songs with a hard hitting rythm you can take on a triple CD. The design isn't too vintage, but it shouldn't mislead you as this is a female vocal rock n' roll dream featuring some rare tracks.

Rockin' Bones

I got my copy years ago and can't say enough good things about this compilation. It's all rockabilly, lots of rare and plenty of raw tracks with a few teen delinquent audio film trailers on the side. It's the 1950's rock n' roll bible, with a booklet to match with lots of saucy details about artists.