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Shopping: What The Hell Hairdresser & Apparel

I've been meaning to write about What The Hell for a while; the retro salon and clothing shop opened last summer in Lisbon, promising to glamour up your hair and closet. They have a very interesting combination of vintage, retro and kitsch decor, so you get to enjoy a special ambient while getting pampered. I'm specially fond of the tattoo inspired wall designs, but it's hard not to be drawn to every little detail!

I took the oportunity to sit and talk to Marta, wanting to know more about her and the salon. It was interesting to find out how the salon stemmed from her love of vintage hair; "although you don't learn how to create specifically vintage hairstyles, you learn all the necessary techniques for them". But the shop isn't just a salon; how about the clothing? "I have always liked a lot of brands and styles that weren't available in Portugal, so I mostly stock what I'd like to find for myself, like Freddie's of Pinewood dungarees and jeans."

Coming from the same viewpoint, I can't help but wonder how the feedback she's gotten since commencing her vintage venture; "It's been great! I have a lot of different costumers, not just the retro crowd but also people looking for a 180º change, or wanting to try out retro hairstyles."

So, what would you say is your favourite thing about having the shop? "When I create a hairstyle for someone that blows them away; I've had ladies completely surprised and delighted with the end look, that always makes my day."

What about your personal style - do you relate to the rockabilly or vintage look? "I change daily; at times I may be more rockabilly, on others even freak! Sometimes I style my hair with curls and a retro feel, others I keep it simple as I'm always busy."

And finally, any advice for retro loving girls looking to try retro hairstyles? "You can be surprised with how different you look, but it's always best to have a professional's help!"

Find What The Hell on Facebook.

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