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Sailorette Reviews: Scotch Naturals Neat Nail Polish from DeCulto

As many of you may have noticed, the amazing DeCulto shop has recently launched with a variety of deligtful beauty products that are just as good for your look as they are for your body. One of those products was a real novelty to me, when I first received it in an adorable package from DeCulto HQ - Scotch Naturals Nail Polish. This adorable baby pink polish is, according to package note, free of harmful chemicals and made to protect your nails as well as strenghten them.

The lovely packaging! I swear I can't get enough of shops that put so much effort into packaging their goods, doesn't it just make a world of difference?

The polish and note about its benefits and characteristics.

The complimentary tote bag! I love this print, have been wearing it daily. It also came with a few samples of other products available at DeCulto.

This is from the WaterColours line, which is very light if not a bit see through, and interestingly enough, exudes a black chocolate or whiskey scent. Still, the first impression is that the scent doesn't make you nauseous like many chemical polishes do. When applied, it's very light and fine, besides drying slowly - this is a water based polish, which means you'll need to wash your nails very well before painting them too. As you may notice, my nails were very damaged (marked red up to half from not using a bottom coat, dry) but I gave it the benefit of the doubt, even though it didn't look as appealing as I could've made it look if I were better at water based nail polishes and my nails weren't as beaten up! I do have to say - after wearing it for a few days, I could feel the difference. My nails do feel a lot more hydrated and soft after I wear it, which has made me question a lot of the products I'd worn before. And this looks pearlised after the 3rd layer, almost like a cute lucite effect! At 16,95€ it's not a drop-dead bargain, but it's definately worth the investment for what it does to your nails. Buy it here.

To know more about DeCulto and their stock, check out their website:

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