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Shopping: Lovely New Styles From Heyday

I like to keep up with novelties at my favourite repro and vintage shops, so I was looking forward to sharing these lovely updates from Heyday with all of you. They make marvelous reproduction clothing from the 1940s and 1950s (though less of the latter) but, as many other reproduction stores, tend to explore the same styles changing fabric patterns and introducing new pieces now and then. The last of those was the gab jacket, which looks like a dream - scroll down to see what prints they're now made in!

Blogger Fleur de Guerre has her signature wrap dress style reproduced in Heyday's Fleur Dress, and after the embroidered solid colour versions come the darling new prints - these are an absolute must have for daily 1940s style.

You may recognise the classic Mary dress, made of rayon in a selection of colours that would make a darling evening outfit. It's now made in leopard too! Against popular belief, leopard was worn as early as the 1930s in coats, and would make occasional appearances in clothing until its peak of popularity in the 1950s. This will definitely add va-va-voom to your look, if you like full on animal print.

And finally the gab. Oh the gab! I cannot express how much I wish I had one of these for daily wear, they look brilliantly made and I was never lucky enough to find a decently priced vintage version (or a 49er, for that part - jackets!). The new daring and colourful prints add charm and a unique flair to this classic style.

What do you wish Heyday would make different versions of? What are your favourite items from this brand?

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Angie disse...

I love Heyday! In fact I've just taken advantage of their (very timely) flash sale and bought myself another pair of 1940s swing trousers! Yay!

Miss Sailorette disse...

How lovely! Only reason I didn't is I'm trying to stick to 1950s frocks only, hard as it may be with so much amazing 1940s repro around!

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