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Vintage Beauty: Vintage Brows


One of the key features of any vintage look is the way in which eyebrows are shapes. Many people associate vintage make-up with bright red lips or artificial beauty spots, but the shape of the eyebrows can have a significant impact the rest of your face, and can be key in achieving an authentic vintage look. With this in mind, here are a a few tips on how to shape your eyebrows for a typically vintage look.

Although trends in eyebrow style tended to change from era to era, one thing that most vintage styles had in common was an exaggerated arch. This was particularly noticeable throught the 1930s, where eyebrows were also plucked to be especially thin. At this time, hairstyles weren't like those which you might encounter today on salon sites such as Instead, they tended to be short or cropped and heavily curled - meaning that the eyebrows were a focal feature. Greta Garbo is a prime example of actress exhibiting vintage Hollywood eyebrows, which show a highly defined arch. Joan Crawford was also a fan of this look at the beginning of her career, where she can be seen to have much thinner eyebrows that those which she later wore, demonstrating the change in the trend for eyebrow thickness.

If you want to go for the fuller vintage brow, then it can be a good idea to use an eyebrow pencil for extra definition. You will still want to pluck the brows to give them the desired shape, and then fill in the browline using a pencil which is a similar shade to your natural brow colour. Another key feature of vintage brows is an elongated style - that is, brows which continue slightly past the outer edge of each eye. Ava Gardner was a big fan of this look, with her highly defined brows playing a key role on in creating her striking Hollywood look.

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