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Daily Glamour: a midsummer's wedding outfit


It's been ages since I've posted outfits so I thought if any occasion justifies a comeback in my Daily Glamour feature, it's a wedding. Well I was the skirted equivalent to a best man at friends' wedding, which I was thrilled about, just a month ago. Being the next day after a day's work and a college exam, I didn't get a lot of time to prepare properly but I was overal pleased with my look. Had my curls set for a few more hours and the wind blown a bit more gently, or I not forgotten my gloves at my in-laws before we left, and it'd have been just right. But we all know how things never go according to planned. So here are a few snapshots from a lovely day with a lovely couple at their fabulous japanese themed wedding!

The bride's dress was designed by herself, in a mix of Disney Princess with japanese Kimono inspiration. The sash was lovely and so was her headpiece, it's a shame I don't have detailed photos of her look for the day.

Yours truly and Mr. Sailor on the sides. We do stand out a bit, but doesn't the couple look simply stunning?

This is the only shot I have showing my whole look - me & the groom. I was wearing Ray Ban sunnies (seeing glasses are by Epos), a vintage peach, green and yellow floral printed chiffon dress, a vintage black enamel bag and black heels from H&M. My white cardigan is a vintage beaded white British Vogue, and jewellery is vintage deadstock too - all vintage is original 1950s.

Mr. Sailor and I. He may have had a few drinks too many at this point.

Yes, I think we can be sure of it! Sorry, just had to bring a bit of silly into the post.

What do you think of my wedding look? Are you attending a lot of weddings and other dressy events for the summer? What are your dream coordinates for dress events in warm weather?

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