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Events: 5th Shake n' Beers at the coolest garage in town

I've closely watched Fuga d'Óleo growth from the projects first steps (even DJed at the first Shake n' Beers just one year before this 5th edition), and all I can say is its been a wonderful ride! The shop's concept is that of a classic motorbike garage where you can get bike frocks to boots and wallets, to helmets and Cafe Racer parts, which means it was very well received by the local biker families but not only. And part of that is how its become a go-to for wonderful times, as well as wares: the garage next door opens its doors to welcome DJs and retro barbers/hairdressers in matines where rock and roll reigns supreme. This event had me sharing decks with the amazing Carlos Deluxe from Cais Sodré Cabaret! and Pedro Pena from Carl and the Rythm All Stars while Carlitos from The Four Aces gave cats fresh vintage hairstyles - I always feel like such a kid around the talented people I get to work with. These photos are all by and the property of photographer extraordinaire Miguel von Driburg.

My bag's on the left, I had to downsize after my usual vintage one broke days earlier - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't eyeing his 50s Samsonite!

What I wore:
Hair comb: 60s Vintage (family heirloom)
Dress: Vivien of Holloway
Handbag (not in pics): 50s Vintage (black enamel)
Shoes: Miss L Fire - Betty
Cardigan (not in pics): 50s Vintage (British Vogue)


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