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Guest Post: Art Deco Gal & her love for the 20s/30s

I have always loved the 1920s. As a young child growing up in the North of Scotland, I was always the odd one out in ballet class and piano lessons, in ballet I was obsessed with the Charleston from the age of 4, and in piano lessons, my teacher grew increasingly frustrated as I refused to learn the classics but sprung into life when I was able to improvise jazz music and play Gerswhin from the age of 6. So you could say it is in my blood somewhere. My grandfather was quite the eccentric and always played music from the 20s-40s in his house in Edinburgh, wear a kimono and cravate and regale me and my sisters with tales of China and other far off lands. As a teenager, in the 90s UK teenagers loved Blur or Oasis. Not I, I bought the entire collection of Jamiroquai albums and singles and saw them in concert four times! On my wall, I had posters of Oscar Peterson, Marlene Dietrich wearing her suit in Morocco and Sarah Vaughan in a jazzy nightclub. My all time favourite movie from my childhood was Bugsy Malone, Jodie Foster playing Tallulah rocking my world!

My love of Art Deco design, architecture and style developed throughout the years as I travelled to places like New York and Paris. I lived in Paris and Stockholm for a while and fell in love with these two cities, their history and the likes of Greta Garbo and Josephine Baker.

I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era. I met the love of my life who proposed to me in Paris in 2010 and this spurred me on to create the wedding of my dreams, incorporating Art Deco style, my love of Paris, French and Jazz as well as out Celtic heritage. (My husband is Irish and I am Scottish). I loved planning the wedding and the day was amazing. I wore a long gold gown, had peacock feathers in my bouquet and wore my great great aunt's pearls and a feather hairpiece. I got lots of compliments after the wedding on the styling and have since helped others plan their own big day.

This experience led me to Art Deco Gal, and my blog. I had a dream one night about having a website called Art Deco Gal, and the next day, I made it a reality. It began in October 2011 as a wedding planning guide and soon grew arms and legs. I have since been nominated for an award, run monthly competitions, have had numerous mentions in magazines other great blogs and have written guest blogs and articles for online magazines, Vintage Life and online wedding magazines such as De.Lovely affair. I love engaging with readers through my facebook page too and have lots of fun selecting images and quotes for this daily.

I have always loved drawing and painting too and used to sell paintings as a student for wine money. I now have an online print gallery for readers to buy a piece of Art Deco Gal art or order a bespoke piece themselves. I have had such a great response to this, it is lovely. I love meeting other like-minded creative individuals and fans of Art Deco, vintage and particularly the 20s and 30s. I recently went to London and had an amazing weekend soaking up the Art Deco architecture, having coffee and cakes at Claridges and meeting lovely ladies I have befriended through the blog.

My own style is quite eclectic, I love leopard print and black, and believe in investing in good staple pieces, then accessorising the hell out of em! I love Marion Cotillard, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Louise Brooks and Clara Bow. My other hero is Patsy from Ab Fab and I have been compared to her often!! (Can't think why? :))

I look forward to an exciting new future now- I am emigrating to Australia with my husband in a couple of months and will continue with the blog, the art and with teaching French. I also look forward to visiting Napier in New Zealand, the Art Deco capital and visiting more deco-dent gems such as Miami, Shanghai and Sydney.

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