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Vintage Fashion: Costume Jewellery is a Girl's Best Friend

Two weeks into the Vogue Fashion Night Out countdown, I've decided I wanted to match my gorgeous Miss L Fire Gabriella shoes (midnight blue suede with baby blue rhinestones mid heels) with some proper party accessories. With fair exceptions, vintage costume jewellery is very hard to come by for cheap around here, which means I resorted to the all mighty Etsy. As a result, I got a lovely matching set of necklace, brooch and Coro earrings for (a lot) less than an arm and a leg. Here it is:

What is Coro, some of you must be wondering. It's one of the most sounding names in 50s fashion jewellery, having been founded in 1901 and lasting through 1979 - you can read more about Coro and their history here. Being recognized as a desirable brand to women through the 20th Century, even if by their ominous advertising presence in magazines, signed pieces ranging from affordable to very steep collectible prices today, especially full sets. Here are some brilliant Coro/Corocraft ads that portray the glamorous brand's style in the 1950s.

Do you wear costume jewellery? What are your favourite styles and brands?

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