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Brand Spotlight: Miss Candyfloss A/W'12 Collection

Now and again yet another cookie cutter retro brand comes up. I love that so many wonderful ladies are having their dreams come true, but am really disappointed in how many of these are more of the same retro designs in the same cliché fabrics! Not all is bad, though - there's plenty of market out there for everyone, and what's not my cup of tea may be yours. That only means brands that really speak to me in terms of novelty design from vintage cuts and patterns will pop up, and that's what happened when I found Miss Candyfloss. There are a number of traits in their frocks you can relate to vintage photos and patterns, but everything about their A/W '12/13 collection is brilliantly novel, and can be worked into a unique wardrobe. See some of my favourite pieces as modelled by a fashion model in editorial pose.


Find Miss Candyfloss at

What do you think of these looks? Do you prefer classic true-to-original reproduction or inspired polkadots/gingham dresses?

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