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Shopping: How to choose the right jewellery

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Jewellery can make or break an outfit, and can be a great way of expressing who you are, but all too often people either treat it as an afterthought or stick to the same pieces day after day. Here are some tips for wearing jewellery in a way that catches peoples’ eyes for all the right reasons.

Consider colour, but don’t afraid to be daring

Colour is one of the most obvious things to get right, but the ‘rules’ for doing so aren’t as narrow as you might have been taught. For example, how many people are convinced they can’t wear gold and silver together in a single outfit? Of course this can look clumsy, but if you do it right, for example by including at least one item which contains both gold and silver then it needn’t be a problem at all.

For every day, consider building up a collection of inexpensive pieces in the same colours as your favourite outfits, for occasions when you need to look smart and unobtrusive. But don’t be afraid to make use of dramatic contrast either!

Be your unique self

Nothing matches the thrill of wearing a piece of jewellery that you love and that you know no-one else will be wearing. Checking out vintage and antique shops and websites can be a great way of finding that really special piece that is totally you.

Even better, you can regard second hand jewellery as an investment. Whereas new pieces will go down in price if you ever have or want to sell them on, antique pieces may even be able to be sold at a profit. And unlike money in a savings account, your antique jewellery investment can give you joy while it’s in your possession.

What feels comfortable to wear?

As with clothes, there’s no point in wearing any jewellery that feels uncomfortable. If you find that bracelets get in your way, or rings feel annoying, or earrings hurt, then life’s too short to bother with them. Instead find necklaces or brooches that you like. Wearing jewellery should be fun!

Real or costume?

Both! Most people own and wear a mixture of ‘real’ and ‘costume’ jewellery, and again, mixing and matching is nothing to be ashamed of.

Ethical considerations

There are ethical considerations associated with buying jewellery. You may have heard of ‘blood diamonds’, which are mined and sold to finance wars in Africa. Luckily there’s something called the ‘Kimberly Process’ which is making them much rarer in the UK, but they do still exist. If you’re buying new, make sure that your supplier knows your diamonds came from a legitimate source.

If you’re particularly concerned about ethical issues, it is possible to buy fair trade jewellery, which ensures that everyone in the supply chain is paid a fair wage. This can be a great way to make sure you feel as good as you look.

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