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Brand Spotlight: Fraulein Von Sofa millinery

Hi dolls!
I've been waiting to publish these lovely shots of Frollein von Sofa for a while as I've been a fan of her work for longer than I can remember. With the rise of pin up/retro came a burst of small businesses stocking the ever-popular themed pillbox hats or fascinators, but everything about FVS stands out and speaks to me. This german milliner's designs are as cheerful and sweet as they are thoroughly constructed, and you may even get bespoke, one-off or limited edition pieces from her, how great is that? Enough talking, lets move on to the swooning - here are some lovely examples of her work:

Find more amazing designs on her Website, Blog, and Facebook!

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Sad Man's Tongue disse...

Very cool. Love the dolls, and the doll :)

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