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Sailor Merchandise

As previously published, I had started working on a merchandise project with different designers and makers that gave way to the first Sailorettes, Love & Rock n Roll merchandise range. I'm also working on amazing Sailorettes, Love & Rock n' Roll jewellery with my latest sponsor Must Destroy Jewellery, more t-shirt designs and other products to allow you to wear your love for the blog, the concept and the lifestyle! These will all be sold by the artists/makers in their shops, and I will receive a small fee for use of image and intelectual property, which means you are supporting their alternative small businesses and sponsoring my work on the blog too! How cool is that?

Sailorette Necklace • €12,5 • 
   Lettering colours

Or email your order to

Sailor Love Necklace • €8 •

Heart Detail

Thank you ever so much for all the love and support,
Mafalda xox