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"Os anfitriões são os melhores modelos. A dupla Storytailors, João Branco
 e Luís Sanchez, com a DJ Lolita."
From Vogue Portugal's website, article here.
Mafalda Sailorette does DJ Sets as DJ Lolita aka DJ Sailorette, having played different sounds like chill out, indie rock, acid jazz and electropop in select fashion events such as Storytailors @ Vogue Fashion Night Out 9th Sept. 2010 or blues, rockabilly, garage and psychobilly in clubs and events in Lisbon and around Portugal like the Tattoo and Rock Festival Lisbon 2010, Boom Boom Club, Berlin Bar, Roterdão Bar, Bafo de Baco Bar and London's Rock n' Rolio club night; as seen in Time Out London.

Past freelance work: 

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