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To help mantain my part-time activity on the blog, I have started a sponsorship programme in which receive monthly fee of £10, meant to keep the blog and my activity on it, courteously providing your store/business with:
  • 1 Ad Space with a image linking to your website (250x150px/250x250px)
  • 1 timely referral to the shop under the form of a promotion/event/new items or collection flyer in a post
  •  Timely mentions on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and partnership giveaways if applicable to help promote your page and/or website
I can forward page views & more Google Analytics details in an email if required, but will reserve the right to decline sponsorship from businesses or organisations I don't find fit my (the author's) standards and/or the blog's theme.

If you're a fan of the blog and want to link it from your own website, just add the logo above, linking to and drop me a line to say you did so, I'd be happy to reciprocate the love!

Mafalda xox
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